Feb 24, 2008

[ReviOC]Noctua NF-P12 - Great Performance Fan

Today we have for review the famous fan from Noctua, NF-P12, known for the excellent performance and silence that it provide us.
In this review we will see if all this nice words about this fan are true.
The fans always had an important role in cooling. Few years ago most users used aircooling, but today we
have some other choices, for example watercooling and even phase
change. Even in those types of cooling the fans are very important, they left the cooler to be on a radiator or condenser.

Talking about this fan, we start by seeing the specs,

The package

In this last photo we can see that in the back part of the package there is "deployable" that contains a lot of information about this product. This robust package shows the dedication and quality that this brand presents.

Opening the package we find this...

Overview of Noctua NF-P12

These blades have an innovative design.

An excellent presentation. So the accessories that we have are,

Lets talk about the innovations that this promising fan has.

The first thing that we see are the 9 blades, instead of the usual 7 blades. The design of the blades is also optimized for a
certain pressure that provide us a better airflow.

This fan isn't noisy by having 9 blades, because another innovation is the Vortex-Control Notches that allows the fan to be
more silent.

Other two news are the SC-Drive (Smooth Comunication Drive) and the SSO-Bearing (Self-stabilishing oil-pressure bearing)
that helps the fan to be more stable and silent.

Compare between SSO-Bearing and other types of Bearing

And now let's see how it performs

Test Bed

-Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3000mhz
-DFI DK P35 (bios 2007/12/24)
-2Gb Team Elite PC5300
-PowerColor HD3870 PCS
-LC Power Hyperion 700w
-Tuniq Tower 120


We will have this fans competing

-Noctua NF-P12
-Tuniq 120mm fan
-Lian-Li 120mm fan

Note: Tuniq 120mm fan has a 9 blade design too.

To get different RPM (Rotations Per Minute) we used the adapters that came in the bundle, L.N.A to get 1100RPM and U.L.N.A to get 900RPM.

The software used was

The method used was run a 20min custom test on OCCT, monitoring the temperatures through CoreTemp.

So I present now the graphics automatically reproduced by OCCT, using CoreTemp as assistant.

Noctua NF-P12 @ 900RPM

Tuniq 120mm fan @ 900RPM

Lian-Li 120mm fan @ 900RPM

Noctua NF-P12 @ 1100RPM

Tuniq 120mm fan @ 1100RPM

Lian-Li 120mm fan @ 1100RPM

We conclude that Noctua NF-P12 is superior than the other fans tested here, followed by Tuniq fan that has a 9 blade design too.

We need to know too that the cooler used as a Tuniq and maybe the fan that comes with Tuniq is optimized for this cooler. Another important thing to say is at the same RPM the most silent fan is by far Noctua F-P12.

The bundle is very complete and it is composed by a lot of accessories that users will use certainly.

From all fans that I had opportunity to test this is by far the one that as a better ratio noise/airflow.

The only 2 negative points that I find in this fan is its price (but we all know that what is good cost) and its colors (but this is a personal opinion).

So briefly


-Ratio noise/airflow
-The 6 years guarantee shows the trust that Noctua has on this products.



Now it's time to say thanks to Noctua for the sample that they sent.

So this is the finish of another review. This product receives the excellent mark of 95 (1-100).

Product Recommended by ReviOC group.

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