Mar 28, 2008

Commando and E8500, the adventure begins


Today I've received an Asus Commando, to play with my new E8500

And my new E8500 here

I will be playing with this setup for the next days. Today I will bring some news and hopefully good results

Mar 14, 2008

E8500 Q743A797 arrived

Just got my new E8500, special thanks to Crazy_Boy and Overvoltage

Test soon, once I come back from France.

With this cpu I will be able to update my personal records.

3P CPU Pot Rev.4 by PPInDaHouse


Im here again to show you my new revision of cpu pots. As always solid, full cooper and with lots of mass to hold the load well.

It's a simple design I know, but it makes it cheaper and who cares once it performs good?

120mm tall
80mm diameter
between 2 and 2.5 kg

Now lets show some pics

Well, now I'm going to France for some days (maybe a week) so I will take 1 or 2 days to reply to pms..

Best Regards

Mar 4, 2008

Benching with E8500 under Single Stage


This weekend I benched with my "poor" E8500 under my Single Stage.

Test Bed

E8500 (Q743A798)
DFI DK P35 (bios 13/02/08)
PowerColor HD3850
2GB Ballistix PC8500
LC Power 700w
1/4 SS built by |RickY|

Thanks to Sam for lending me this nice ram and for the tips too. Thanks for all the other team mates and specially to Kev for sharing his tweaks with us

I put my effort on spi 32M. 1M and 3Ds were just with simple tweaks, nothing special.

On 32M I used OPB CDT IV and I got 560k-560k

The clocks used were not maxed out cause I had to be quickly doing these test.

So lets show the results

1M (this result is old, not from this weekend)







Mar 1, 2008

Testing Ballistix PC8500 2Gb Kit


First of all I need to say thanks to our great friend Sam for lending me such a nice piece of ram

So lets start testing them,

Test Bed

E6550 (lapped) cooled by Tuniq
DFI DK P35 (bios 2008/02/13)
2Gb Ballistix PC8500
PowerColor HD3850
LC Power 700w

I will be running PI 4M with different timmings and Vdimm.
PI 32M and 1M just with 2.5vdimm.

Note: Maxmem set to 600.


-2.1v- 4M

-2.2v- 4M

-2.3v- 4M

-2.4v- 4M

-2.5v- 1M/4M/32M

-2.5v- Max Dual = Single Channel


-2.1v- 4M

-2.2v- 4M

-2.3v- 4M

-2.4v- 4M

-2.5v- 1M/4M/32M

-2.5v- Max Dual and Single Channel

Once again I want to say thank you Sam, hope you like these first results