Feb 24, 2008

3P CPU Pot Rev.3

Hey guys!

I'm here to present my new creation, Rev.3.

Since I made my last cpu pot I started knowing about how to have good
performance with simple designs of pots. I'm sure this "little" cpu pot will
perform great with Dry Ice or LN2. This pot have a lot of mass in the
bottom to be able to hold the temperatures on load.

Some pics

Here is a hole near the base for the temperature probe.


ojdr2001 from Portugal received and tested one


QX9650@5459/5470 LN2 cooled with 3P CPU Pot Rev 3 (excellent, temp goes on dropping during bench )
ASUS Maximus Formula Bios 0505
DDR2@ 559 4,4,4,8
HD3870 CF stock coolers 972/1323 to 990/1356 - Cat 7.11
PSU OCZ 1000 W

Here is some results by ojdr2001 using this pot






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